July 3rd Force on Force Self Defense Training. Registration Open

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This class will give you the opportunity to train like the ELITES. This class will consist of a a short book work application to learn the most important laws, in relation to handling and discharging your firearm.  Next you will go through some gun movement techniques. Last you will be put through high stressful non lethal situations that you will be force to make a decision on weather you shoot or don't shoot.  

This class will be taught by Justin Brown.  He has 7 years of law enforcement experience and worked and trained in specialize units such as SWAT, ROBBERY UNIT, TASK FORCE, NARCOTICS and MOUNTED. Brown trains police officers on Street survival and community policing.  

This will be a one of a kind class that you cant get anywhere else. Only 15 spots available for this class.

Customer Reviews

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We had a great time. They gave us useful information and useful skills to use in every day life situations.

Brionne Davis

June 5th Force on Force Self Defense Training. Registration Open

Megan M.
Exactly what I needed

This course could not have come at a better time for me. I had anxiety about the current conditions in the city and felt I needed to consider my options for self-defense. Justin's team of professionals guided us through multiple real-life scenarios and I can confidently say that I left feeling informed and more aware. I had a great time and I can't wait for the advanced training courses!

Angulique Glapion
Beyond my expectations

Today’s self defense clas with Justin and his team was awesome. I learned a lot about situational awareness and my right to use deadly force if needed. I will definitely recommend this class to my friends and family.

Darlisha Montana-Miller
Self Defense class

A few years ago I was a victim of an armed robbery. Todays self defense class with Justin and his partners was amazing. I left the class on today with knowledge and so much more. I learned the importance of paying attention to my surroundings and different scenarios of what type of dangers that are out there waiting to happen. I now feel more comfortable with carrying my firearm in the event I’m ever faced with a situation and I have to protect myself. Amazing class and I definitely would like to attend another training class in the near future.